Looking for Sales Executive/Agent

May 5, 2022

Title – Sales Executive/Agent (Hindi and English Speaking)

Location– India

Type of Job – Permanent

Salary – Initially High Commission based

Job Description- 

Are you interested in bringing sales, clients, and business development skills to take part in a fast-growing Swedish company in India? We are looking for a candidate who could help us in launching, promoting, and selling our “Air Quality Measuring Sensors product” in the Indian market. As a Sales Executive, you will play an Indian representative role for us in the Indian market.

In this position, you will investigate your network and develop your own sales process, which means you will have the chance to drive the full sales cycle, from prospecting and outreach to demos, client contact, and negotiation.

Our products are mostly based on the B2B market so you will mostly target the organization, hospitals, hotels, or any private and government sectors in India.  For that, we will give you training sessions and provide you with all support whatsoever needed during this process. We’re an ambitious group of people that love to share, learn and grow together. Our technical and management team will give you all the possibilities to develop your skills and become a successful sales executive. The rest is up to your ambition! You will most likely be doing some of these things also:

  1. End-to-end sales from prospecting to closing.
  2. Support, execute and develop a Swedish New Business sales plan in the Indian market
  3. Opening new doors making meetings possible
  4. Create your own customer’s datasheet
  5. Participate in business events, workshops, and accelerator programs in India
  6. Promoting, advertising, and creating a business network in India
  7. Drive customer’s queries and support if needed
  8. Representing our company in the Indian market

Skillset Requirements

  1. Experience in marketing and sales or running a business in India 
  2. Comfortable and experienced using phone, emails, and preferably social media when communicating with potential customers.
  3. Excellence in interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills
  4. Goal-oriented and takes ownership
  5. Comfortable with frequent travel in India and Sweden
  6. Receptive and open to change, willing to learn and grow from the experience
  7. Fluent in English and Swedish. Don’t be shy if you know even more languages, since we are entering new markets, extra languages can be a big plus!
  8. Find new channels to attract potential customers

What can we offer you?

  1. A generous commission and progress incentive model where you yourself influence your remuneration and your future role with us.
  2. Bonus trips in India and abroad as a reward for appraisals and bonuses.
  3. Working experience with a Swedish company, skills development, and good opportunities to travel to Europe
  4. Be a part of our international team
  5. Future prospective to get a permanent job in India with a higher package

About us- 

SMART SENSOR DEVICES is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. SMART SENSOR DEVICES focuses on one of the most pressing issues currently affecting the world i.e., improving the quality of air around us. Smart Sensor Devices delivers a complete HibouAir-Air Quality Monitoring System for indoor and outdoor air quality, including a web portal, mobile app, and long-time services to their customers. 

Send your CV to shivanigupta@smartsensordevices.com

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