Air quality monitoring solutions for schools

Monitor and improve air quality of the school with HibouAir

Healthy air in a classroom not only improves concentration and performance but also prevents health problems and allergies. It is therefore important to ventilate classrooms well, especially in corona time. There is a risk of the virus spreading in poorly ventilated classrooms. A CO2 monitor lets you know exactly when and for how long you need to ventilate.
co2 monitor in classroom

Why measure CO2 of a school?

In recent years, carbon dioxide level (CO2) has increasingly been regarded as a parameter that determines the quality of indoor air to a significant extent. A CO2 level that is too high means that the children in the class are less able to concentrate, perform worse and feel drowsy. The CO2 level is a measure of the ventilation in the classroom. So the higher the CO2 level, the more polluted the air and the greater the chance that children will infect each other with a virus. It is therefore very important to keep an eye on the CO2 level so that you can ventilate immediately as soon as necessary.
Determine the maximum number of people per classroom. When the number of people in a room increases, the C02 value also increases. If the C02 value cannot be brought to the correct level, this says something about the maximum number of people in a room.

Air quality monitoring solutions for schools

We have several air quality monitoring solutions. Select one that fits your need.

Students need healthy air to learn

When it comes to a school community with multiple locations, the management can view the data for multiple schools, per room, in real-time and take necessary action.

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Why use HibouAir CO2 monitor for schools

The HibouAir indoor air quality monitoring CO2 sensor is a plug & play device that connects to the cloud and gives you real-time data on the indoor environment’s pollution level. The HibouAir CO2 sensors provide not only the concentration of CO2 value in the air but also other parameters such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

HibouAir’s air quality monitoring portal gives you access to real-time and historical data with various maps, charts and graphs for analysis. With Real-Time Alerts for sensors, you can configure high and low values and get an alert when the sensor value falls outside threshold levels.

The values can be read on the large screen which provides information about how healthy the air is. With some extra ventilation, you will immediately see the values improve.

The teacher and/or school management see the data in real time and can take immediate action if necessary, for example, whether there should be better ventilation or whether fewer students should be allowed access to the classroom. Students can also access the data of nearby devices via Bluetooth using the mobile application.

Where to place a CO2 monitor?

Place the CO2 monitor at least 1.5 meters away from a window or door. You can also put the CO2 monitor on the wall. In any case, make sure that you do not breathe directly into the device, as this will give distorted values. 

How many CO2 monitors should I install?

The HibouAir, for example, is suitable for a room up to approximately 100-meter square. If the room is larger, you can place several CO2 monitors, or take measurements at different places in the room.