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Smart Sensor Devices was founded in 2016 in Stockholm by Axel G. Hammar. Smart Sensor Devices is a global provider of a wide range of air quality monitoring solutions. The company develops and offer powerful analytical tools that access real-time air quality data for trend analysis, reports and triggers alarms.

We address multiple client needs, across different sectors including air quality monitoring solution for both indoor and outdoor environment. We believe that the first step towards improving air quality is to measure it accurately on site and remotely.
To address such needs, we offer affordable devices that with simple setup provide relevant data in real time for timely intervention.

Our devices provide not only the concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2, particulate matter (PM1, PM2,5 and PM10) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and also other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

The requirement of each customer is different, which is why Smart Sensor Devices’ products can be customized to satisfy customers’ unique requirements.


Smart Sensor Device was founded

Smart Sensor devices was founded by Axel Hammar , who has been working on Bluetooth technology for over 10 years.

Jan, 2016

Joined Bluetooth organization

Smart Sensor Devices became a member of Bluetooth organization.

Feb, 2016

Developed bluetooth based attendance system

Students attendance can be managed inside a classroom using Close Beacon. More

Mar, 2016

Introduced Smart USB Dongle

First version of Smart USB Dongle was launched that supported Bluetooth 4.2

Oct, 2016

Released IoT connected notification system

The device contains built in camera triggered by motion and vibrations sensor.

Mar, 2017

Joined Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai

Became a part of Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai.

Jan, 2018

Hibou Air quality indoor sensor system released

A wireless device that provides all environments data for observations to preserve a healthy indoor air quality environment. More

Mar, 2018

Hibou Air quality outdoor sensor system released

Providing real-time outdoor air auality data for smart cities.

Apr, 2018

Launched air quality data service with first customer

Started measuring air quality in Kista.

Nov, 2018

Got our first customer in Australia

Started providing Hibou Air Quality data service in Australia.

June, 2019

Released Smart USB dongle v2.0

An updated version that supports Bluetooth 5.0. Includes bootloader to create BLE application easily. More

Dec, 2019

Top sensor technology companies in Europe

Beacame one of the top 10 sensor technology companies in Europe. More

Mar, 2020

Launched Hibou Air Quality monitor with CO2 sensor

The device will allow users to measure CO2 levels in real-time with high accuracy. More

June, 2020

Joins Verical marketplace

Smart Sensor Devices started a distribution agreement with Verical, an Arrow Electronics company More

Sep, 2020

Received Bisnode’s AA certificate

Smart Sensor Devices AB has received Bisnode’s AA (double A) certificate More

Oct, 2020

Joins Digikey marketplace

Smart Sensor Devices Announces Global Distribution Agreement With Digi-Key Electronics More

Nov, 2020

Received the Nordic Growth Company award

Received the Nordic Growth Company award from UC for our financial statements during 2019 / 2020. More

Aug , 2021

Joined Cisco DNA Spaces

Smart Sensor Devices Joined Cisco DNA Spaces to expand Air Quality Monitoring Solutions with CO2 and Particle Matter Sensors. More

Sep, 2021

Joins RobotShop Marketplace

Smart Sensor Devices AB Joins RobotShop Marketplace More

Nov, 2021

BleuIO Earns KC Certification in South Korea

Smart Sensor Devices has earned the KC certification for BleuIO, allowing it to be sold in South Korea. More

Jan, 2022

Expanded business in India

SMART SENSOR DEVICES IN SWEDEN AB decided to expand its business in India with the help of Business Sweden consultancy in India. More

Feb, 2022

Got our first customer in India

Started providing HibouAir -Air Quality data service in India.

Mar, 2022

Selected for The India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator program

Smart Sensor Devices is selected for The India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator program in India by the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden. More

Nov, 2022

Participated in the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator Program in India

Smart Sensor Devices Participated in the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator Program in India by the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden 2023 More

Apr, 2023

Received the WPC certificate for the Indian Market

Smart Sensor Devices, has recently received the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) certificate for HibouAir for the Indian market. More

Apr, 2023

Received Nordic Growth Award 2023

Smart Sensor Devices in Sweden AB has received the prestigious Nordic Growth Award for the year 2023. More

Oct, 2023

Signed a distribution agreement with SPROUT, India

Smart Sensor Devices signed a distribution agreement with SPROUT, a subsidiary of the JP Shroff Group, covering the regions of Mumbai, Goa, and Pune in West India. More

Oct, 2023

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The Team

Axel G. Hammar

Founder and CEO

Jacky Chong

Partner and Manufacturing Manager

Ulf Söderberg

Partner and Principal Software

Shivani Gupta MA,MBA

Business Developer/Marketing

Emil Lindblom

Embedded and Android Software

Sheikh Shuhad

Marketing and
IOT Analysis Tool Developer

Thomas Karlsson

Technical Sales