Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Service

We provide air quality monitoring service for outdoor environment and smart cities. Our service includes database for yearly reported air quality data as well as real-time measurements which allows 

  • Efficient and stable data gathering and publishing
  • Cost efficient e-reporting
  • Wider research possibilities
  • Useful input to air quality modelling

This solution have helped organizations responsible for urban and national air monitoring to mitigate the impact of air pollution at cities.

What we offer​

Customized Plan

Customized plans for setup and maintenance. 

User Friendly

Our app works on every web-enabled device.


High reliability of the sensors and equipments.

Custom Solution

We provide custom sensor solutions based on requirments.

Real-time Access

Real-time access to data using advance analytics.

API Support

Can be connected to an existing system with the use of API.

Alert Logs

Generates alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Highly Secured

Follow best practices to keep data secured, encrypted and intrusion protected.

Our end to end services covers all the required technology, sensors, software, equipment, and technical support, along with the execution of projects from planning to integration.

How it works


Installation of sensor

Place the device in your preferred location and connect to a power source.


Data collection

The device collects air quality data of smoke, dust and other gases from the environment.


Data transmission

The data is transmitted to the cloud instantly using a secure & reliable connection.


Data processing

Our web-based application processes the data and provides graphical view of real-time monitoring.

The web-based application runs on every web-enabled device. Explore Your Data Visually using various maps, charts and graphs on different devices.

Our Packages


3 months service
  • Starting cost
    4830 USD
  • Extension for 3 months
    2150 USD
Choose Plan


12 months service
  • Starting cost
    10645 USD
  • Extension for 3 months
    1610 USD
Choose Plan

Starter, Standard, Enhanced Includes

  • Installation assistance of HibouAir - Air Quality sensor system in Stockholm County.
  • Connection to the desired / selected API.
  • Data traffic costs.
  • Maintenance of sensors when needed, e.g. downtime.
  • Backup of data for 1 year, rolling period.
  • Accessing data via HibouAir Dashboard.
* API connection and support are charged according to a separate agreement.

Contact us if you are looking to implement custom Air Quality monitoring system using our IoT connectivity platform.

Smart Sensor Devices is an award-winning sensor technology company. We deliver continuous monitoring and accurate measurements using cutting edge sensor technology to help our customer and partners learn about surrounding air quality.

As air pollution is one of the primary reasons that cause many hazardous effects on human beings that need to be controlled. Several studies suggest poor air quality is an important factor to the prevalence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in some communities. [Read more]

Hence, we provide Air Quality Monitoring system for real-time collecting and monitoring the data of smoke, dust and other gases in the environment, which causes air pollution. Our solution can be used both in an indoor and outdoor environment.