Air quality monitoring solution

HibouAir Particle and CO2 sensors

Reliable air quality monitor plug and play device that provides indoor environments air pollution level.

HibouAir Gateways / Router

Affortable, plug-and-play BLE gateways with MESH features or Wifi Router.

HibouAir Cloud

Powerful air quality Analitycs portal provides access to real-time data along with custom alert notification, weekly report and other analytics features.

How HibouAir works


Installation of sensor

Place the device in your preferred location and connect to a power source.


Data collection

The device collects air quality data of smoke, dust and other gases from the environment.


Data transmission

The data is transmitted to the cloud instantly using a secure & reliable connection.


Data processing

Our web-based application processes the data and provides graphical view of real-time monitoring.

Applications of HibouAir in indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring

Manage and organize devices into rooms​

You can easily create, manage and delete rooms in HibouAir dashboard which allows you to organize your connected HbiouAir devices into their individual rooms to easily find them. The room view will provide you an overall air quality profile of that room.

Our Featured Services That We Provide

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our wireless device provides all Indoor environmental data for observations .

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our affordable wireless device provides all outdoor environmental data for observations .

Smart Office IoT Solutions

Our specifically designed solution will give you complete control and monitoring over the office space and its property.

Smart City IoT Solutions

Our solution provides real-time monitoring environmental data and air quality with custom alerts of the city.

Bluetooth Technology

Our innovative Bluetooth solution can be used in commercial, enterprise or industrial applications.

Air Quality Monitoring in Medical Care

We offer a cost-effective way to help monitor air quality of hospitals and medical clinics.

IOT solutions for the future

Our unique business concept gives you the opportunity to customize your IoT devices. We can offer your business or organization a variety of IoT sensor devices from our product portfolio. Like Beacons, motion sensors, environment sensors, Tilt sensors. You can choose between several different power sources to your device. Like USB powered, coin cell battery or solar energy.

Nordic Growth Company

We are delighted to receive the Nordic Growth Company award from UC for our financial statements during 2019 / 2020. Smart Sensor Devices had successful growth in recent years and continues to see positive development. Sales have increased compared with the previous financial year.

Why We Are Best From Others

Wireless Technology

Our wireless solution includes Wifi, Bluetooth and NB-IoT, ensuring secure cloud connectivity.

Business Service

We provide customized IoT solutions based on customer's requirements, including setup and maintenance.

Data Visualization

Our powerful dashboard will give you access to real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs.

The era of Internet Of Things has arrived.

The era of Internet Of Things (IoT) has dawned. The demand on connected devices are major than any other technology breakthrough in human history, and these is only the beginning. Prepare your business for the future! We can proudly offer one of the markets smallest, most cost effective and energy efficient platform for your IoT fleet, which will give you market advantages. Thanks to our strong relationship with smart chip suppliers and our unique business model we can provide Time to market, customized IoT sensors devices to your business as no one else.

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