Air Quality Monitoring for Smart Building

The proper ventilation of buildings is a fundamental requirement for an effective and healthy environment. CO2 is usually reduced with effective ventilation. But running a ventilation system 24 hours a day, at a constant rate, is neither energy-efficient nor cost-effective.

Most buildings have ventilation systems to bring fresh air into the building. This ventilation systems can be managed to be more efficient using CO2 sensors.

Mitigate the impact of air pollution at buildings

CO2 sensors accurately measure the concentration of CO2 in the room inside a building, with a higher detected level indicating a larger number of people being present. By analyzing the recorded CO2 sensor data, the ventilation system can be automatically adjusted to reflect number of people. The ventilation can be increased or decreased based on the number of people present in the room.

Air quality monitoring solution

Benefits of Using CO2 Sensors in building

  • Reduces energy consumption by optimizing the process of the ventilation system based on the need for air circulation.
  • Increased comfort and wellbeing of the occupants through regulated and clean air.
  • Provides an opportunity to monitor both occupancy and ventilation rates in a building all the time.
  • Data collected from sensors are recorded and stored on the cloud for observation.

The Ability to Track Multiple Air Quality Readings

The first step towards improving air quality is to measure it accurately and monitor it on-site or even remotely. To address such needs, Smart Sensor Devices offer affordable devices called HibouAir with a simple setup that provides real-time air quality data of the surroundings. This device provides not only the concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) but also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

We believe that our HibouAir-Air Quality Monitoring solution has the potential to further improve the lives of people by giving them the possibility to monitor and setup proper ventilation systems, especially at buildings.