Air quality monitoring for smart home

Your comfort and health depends on your indoor environment.

Monitor better your home environment by placing a HibouAir – Air Quality Monitor device in each room that matters in your family life.

Live in a healthier home

We live in a world where pollution is on the rise. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending more time at home, therefore, it is essential to take steps to protect our health. Having an air quality monitor is one of the best ways to know how healthy the air we are inhaling.   

The first step towards improving air quality is to measure it accurately and monitor it on-site or even remotely. To address such needs, Smart Sensor Devices offer affordable devices called HibouAir with a simple setup that provides real-time air quality data of the surroundings. This device provides not only the concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) but also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us.

Smart home air quality monitoring solution

We have several air quality monitoring solutions. Select one that fits your need.

Get smarter about your air quality

Our air quality monitoring solution will allow you to see what you're breathing

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Track the changes in your environment to improve your family's well-being

Investing in an air quality monitor is a great way to protect your family’s health. With the right device, you can detect pollution levels in your area and take precautions when necessary. 

We believe that our HibouAir-Air Quality Monitoring solution has the potential to further improve the lives of people by giving them the possibility to monitor and influence their environment, especially at home.

HibouAir  allows to connect several devices to monitor data from all your rooms in one App.