Air quality monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry

Monitor key indoor air quality parameters to achieve a healthy and safe environment for treatment

Poor air quality is one of the main reasons for illnesses. It delays recovery and triggers new symptoms, which impact the core mission of healthcare organization.
air quality monitoring at healthcare

HibouAir represents the next generation of hospital air quality monitoring.

Higher CO2 level creates an unhealthy indoor environment where bacteria spreads more easily among patients and increases the risk of cross-contamination.
Particulate matter, temperature, humidity and CO2 are important characteristics of indoor air quality in hospitals and clinics. These parameters have a direct impact on patient satisfaction and comfort. HibouAir reveals the presence of pollutants in the environment we don’t know about. Our powerful air quality monitoring portal will give you access to real-time and historical air quality data. These data will help analyze and interpret and allows the formulation of a plan of action to restore healthy indoor air quality.

Air quality monitoring solution for healthcare industry

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HibouAir air quality monitoring solution allows sharing of air quality data with patients and staff through TV screens and mobile applications.

HibouAir also provides a real-time alert report when air quality data of a certain parameter falls outside the given range. For vaccines, this allows monitoring temperature inconsistency in the storage area before it becomes a problem. Immediate detection of potentially damaging leakage in one area of the hospital helps to isolate and minimize the impact on air quality elsewhere.