Indoor air quality monitoring desktop solution (BLE)

The HibouAir is a plug & play air quality monitoring solution that connects to the HibouAir desktop or mobile application and gives you real-time indoor air quality environment data.

The correlation of the real-time data gives you an excellent overall understanding of ambient conditions.

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12 months warranty
Purchase from Digikey and receive a complimentary dongle from us, allowing you to test our desktop application for free.
digikey air quality monitor

Air quality monitoring solution for your need

HibouAir Particle and CO2 sensors

Reliable air quality monitor plug and play device that provides indoor environments air pollution level.

HibouAir Analytics App

Powerful analytical application provides access to real-time air quality data of your surrounding environment.

Easy set up. No need for a wifi, gateway or cloud

Why Choose HibouAir indoor sensors

CO2 or PM









CE, RoHS Certified


12 months warranty

Get Real-Time Environmental Data On Your Desktop

Access air quality measurement history in the HibouAir desktop app, and gain insight to live a healthy life for you and your loved ones everyday.

This application will allow you to access your surrounding environmental data from HibouAir.

Monitor Real-time
air quality data and keep
your indoor environment safe

Work in a healthy environment

Know if your indoor environment is healthy or not with a single glance at HibouAir analytics app. Measure the key parameters of your indoor environment, receive alerts when there’s changes.


Get air quality data to multiple devices at once

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