HibouAir portal​

Monitor and analyze and visualize all your sensor data easily using HibouAir portal a single web-based platform.

Our powerful air quality monitoring portal will give you access to real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs for you to analyze.


Current Sensor report

Tracks key environmental factors like pressure, temperature, humidity, VOC, particle matters, CO2 that affect your health and get an overview of last 24 hours air quality data at a glance.



Export your air quality data

Access your real-time air quality data from anywhere, at any time. Generate various charts and graphs from your data and export them in csv/xlsx format.

hibouair virus index

Virus Index

The Virus Index feature provides real-time air quality analysis, detecting harmful particles and potential viral threats to ensure a safer environment. By monitoring particulate matter and other air quality parameters, it assesses the risk of airborne viruses, offering crucial insights for timely intervention and enhancing overall health and safety in indoor spaces. Ideal for offices, schools, and homes.



Get Real-time Alert Report

With Real-Time Alerts for sensors, you can configure high and low values and get an alert when the sensor value falls outside threshold levels.



Get Weekly Email Report

Get a weekly report sent to your email containing overall air quality data.

Occupancy tracking

Occupancy tracking provides real-time monitoring of room usage, helping optimize space management and enhance safety. By accurately detecting the number of occupants in a given area, it supports efficient resource allocation and improves energy efficiency. Ideal for offices, schools, and public spaces, this feature ensures better utilization of space and contributes to a safer environment.

occupancy monitor

Fleet Management System using HibouAir portal

As many IoT deployments consist of hundreds or thousands of devices, it is essential to track, monitor, and manage connected device fleets.
We provide both indoor and outdoor location management helping organize your devices.
You need to ensure your IoT devices work properly and securely after they have been deployed. You also need to secure access to your devices, monitor health, detect problems, and manage firmware updates.