Smart USB Dongle Bluetooth 5.0
Part no SSD005

The device integrates latest Bluetooth® Technology and is suitable for secured Identity and payment applications.

The Smart USB Dongle Bluetooth  5.0 (SSD005) is a fully integrated solution, providing MCU and Bluetooth® radio in one chip, based on Dialog Semiconductor latest Bluetooth chip DA14683.

The FLASH based device permits field or boot upgradable, while application is stored on FLASH memory.

Support following platforms

Product Features

Software and Tools

Comes with an integrated Ready to Use software that enable the user to easily create new BLE applications with simple AT-Commands scripts.


You can update the firmware or flash your own applications with the integrated bootloader of the dongle.

Security Applications

Including Cryptographic engine with an Elliptic Curve Controller (ECC), AES-256, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 and True Random Number Generator.


CE Marking, Complies with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU and US FCC and KC certifications. RoHS and REACH compliance.

Platform Idependant

The device is compatible with all the platforms: Windows 10, macOS, Linux

Latest Technology

supports Bluetooth® v5.0 Low Energy and based on Dialog Semiconductor latest Bluetooth® chip DA14683

For your business

Smart USB Dongle Bluetooth 5.0 can be programmed with user specific application for your business case. Proprietary logotype can also be included if needed.

Request a custom quote and a member of our sales team will get back to you.

Business cases

BlueIO is a Bluetooth Low Energy USB dongle based on Smart USB Dongle 2.0. BleuIO can be used to create new BLE 5.0 applications in the fastest and easiest way by using AT commands available on the dongle.
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Phrase-Lock OEM Interface
Integrate Phrase-Lock USB-Keys into your own app. Complex character strings such as passwords can be entered quickly and error-free.
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Follow our quick setup guide to make a fast peripheral or central application (or both), on our incredibly low power platform without having to develop a single line of embedded code.

Technical Specifications (Part no SSD005)