HibouAir and BleuIO Now Available on Verical – A New Milestone for Smart Sensor Devices

July 8, 2024

Verical, the renowned online marketplace for electronic components and a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics Inc., has expanded its offerings to include the innovative air quality monitoring device HibouAir and the versatile Bluetooth low energy USB dongle BleuIO. This integration marks a significant step forward in making advanced environmental monitoring and connectivity technology readily accessible across various sectors.

HibouAir, equipped with sensors for CO2, PM1.0, PM10, PM2.5, pressure, temperature, humidity, and VOCs, provides comprehensive real-time and historical data on air quality. Its smart analytical dashboard allows users to monitor and analyze environmental conditions effortlessly, making it an ideal solution for offices, buildings, schools, and smart home integrations.

BleuIO is a Bluetooth low energy USB dongle that enables the creation of new BLE applications quickly and easily. Users can leverage the AT Commands available on the device or utilize the provided Python and Javascript libraries for faster development, making it a powerful tool for enhancing connectivity in various projects.

Verical, established in 2007, has grown to become the largest online marketplace for electronic components globally, boasting an extensive inventory sourced directly from over 800 leading electronics manufacturers and their authorized channels. Their commitment to quality and reliability ensures that every product listed on Verical.com is authentic and traceable, backed by full manufacturer warranties.

For buyers, the addition of Smart Sensor Devices HibouAir and BleuIO on Verical streamlines the procurement process significantly. With a user-friendly interface and real-time inventory updates, Verical eliminates the haggle and hassle typically associated with sourcing electronic components. Buyers benefit from competitive, non-negotiable prices and the assurance that all purchases are backed by reliable customer service and support.

“Our partnership with Verical represents a new chapter for HibouAir and BleuIO,” commented Axel Hammar, Founder & CEO of Smart Sensor Devices. “By leveraging Verical’s robust platform, we can reach a broader audience and fulfill our mission to provide accurate and accessible environmental data solutions and advanced connectivity options.”

Whether for monitoring indoor air quality in commercial spaces or integrating with smart building solutions, HibouAir on Verical offers a seamless experience from selection to purchase, supported by Arrow Electronics Inc.’s global network of customer service agents. Similarly, BleuIO provides an efficient path to developing and deploying BLE applications with ease.

To explore and purchase Smart Sensor Devices HibouAir air quality monitoring devices and BleuIO Bluetooth low energy USB dongles, visit our product pages on Verical. By navigating to Verical.com, you can easily find HibouAir and BleuIO along with detailed descriptions of their features and specifications.

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