Smart Sensor Devices signed a distribution agreement with SPROUT, India

October 26, 2023

In a significant stride towards addressing the persistent air quality issues in India, Smart Sensor Devices recently inked a distributor agreement with SPROUT, a subsidiary of the JP Shroff Group, covering the regions of Mumbai, Goa, and Pune in West India. This partnership follows Smart Sensor Devices’ active involvement in the India-Sweden Innovation Accelerator Delegation, during which their innovative air quality monitoring solution, HibouAir, received significant attention.

India, with its ever-growing urbanization and industrialization, has been suffering with severe air pollution problems. The need for advanced air quality monitoring solutions has never been more pronounced, and Smart Sensor Devices has stepped up to offer a cutting-edge solution.

During their recent trip to India, Smart Sensor Devices’ Marketing Manager, Shivani Gupta, played a significant role in establishing this transformative partnership. She engaged in a series of business-to-business sessions and workshops, providing invaluable insights about the company and its innovative products, with a particular focus on HibouAir. The device, designed for real-time and historical air quality data, is poised to be a game-changer in a country where air pollution has serious health implications.

Smart Sensor Devices has a history of introducing innovative technology to the Indian market, and the India-Sweden Innovation Accelerator Delegation provided a fitting platform for showcasing their expertise. The event was not only instrumental in enhancing the company’s visibility but also fostering connections that have become essential for its growth.

Pranati Shroff, Director of SPROUT, played a crucial role in facilitating the distributor agreement with Shivani Gupta and Smart Sensor Devices. Her dedication to the process underscores the shared commitment of both organizations to enhancing air quality in the region. As a result of this partnership, SPROUT will not only serve as a distributor for HibouAir but will also implement this advanced air quality monitoring solution within their own organization, ensuring the well-being of their employees.

SPROUT, is an organization with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental well-being. With a focus on architectural solutions that promote eco-friendliness and a greener future, SPROUT is aligned with the vision of a cleaner and healthier India. This collaboration with Smart Sensor Devices further underscores their dedication to addressing pressing environmental issues.

The distributor agreement between Smart Sensor Devices and SPROUT represents a significant leap forward in Smart Sensor Devices’ growth strategy. By addressing the pressing air quality concerns in India, this partnership has paved the way for other companies to take a keen interest in the innovative technology offered by Smart Sensor Devices.

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