Real-time sensor solutions for enhanced HVAC performance

November 21, 2023

Featured on Innovative News Network – Experience the future of building management with our accurate and uninterrupted sensor data.

In the capital of Scandinavia, a Swedish company is making significant strides in air quality monitoring. Smart Sensor Devices in Sweden AB was founded in 2016 by visionary entrepreneur and highly skilled engineer and technologist Axel G Hammar with a mission to revolutionise the way we monitor air quality, both indoors and outdoors.

From the beginning, the company’s mission was clear: to design and develop cutting-edge air quality monitoring solutions that can be utilised in a wide range of settings, are affordable, easy to use, and plug-and-play. The motivation behind this endeavour was the growing global concern over air quality, especially in densely populated urban areas where pollution levels were rising and indoor air quality was often overlooked.

Axel Hammar, CEO, said: “Full-stack approach gives our customers a complete plug-and-play solution to easily start collecting and analysing sensor data. Thanks to this ease of use, we have established ourselves as an IoT-connected sensor supplier worldwide during the last years.”

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