Importance of historical air quality data for indoor environment

May 25, 2022

Many people think, that instead of installing a long term air quality monitoring device if they use the environmental data detector and read the value several times, it will help them understand the air quality of the environment. This article will discuss the importance of historical air quality data for the indoor environment.

Generally speaking, people do not actively care about indoor air quality. Only when there are peculiar smells, physical discomfort, mucous membrane irritation in the room etc. Of course, some people don’t care about air quality because they don’t have access to visible data. The real-time data released by indoor air quality monitoring will gradually develop people’s habit of caring about the air quality of their environment. With such a habit and the basis of environmental data, people will take the initiative to find ways to control indoor air quality, thereby improving the health of the environment in which they live.

Air pollution has many characteristics, but there are two related to the need for air quality monitoring: dynamic change and invisibility. Many reasons affect indoor air pollution, such as building interior surface materials, decoration materials, all kinds of furniture, children’s toys, copiers, printers, use of pesticides, use of cleaning agents, outdoor haze/air pollution entering indoors, etc. The main parameters involved are also quite extensive, such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, inhalable particulate matter, carbon dioxide, etc., which can be described as quite complex. And because of another characteristic of air: invisibility, people do not know what pollution sources and air pollution problems need to be solved after any adjustments have been made, or no adjustments have been made at all. This makes real-time and long-term air monitoring of great significance. The real-time data can give an early warning of the polluted environment, and the historical data can show the length of time people are exposed to the polluted environment and analyze the degree of damage that may be caused to human health.

Air quality monitoring equipment is usually equipped with an air monitoring system platform and cooperates with mobile phones, computers and other electronic screens to release and display real-time or historical data. Reading these values can help understand the causes and sources of indoor air pollution and make necessary adjustments for living in a healthy environment.

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Recently, more people are paying attention to indoor air quality while building smart and healthy places. Introducing air quality monitoring device that can store data over time and gives the access to it can be one of the important options for comprehensive consideration and assessment of the health level of the indoor space.

In this regard, Smart Sensor Devices has developed an air quality monitor device called HibouAir. HibouAir is an affordable wireless device with a simple setup that helps you accurately measure indoor environmental data for observations and study to preserve a healthy air quality environment. There are several indoor air quality monitoring solutions provided by HibouAir:

The device connects automatically to your HibouAir Dashboard account, which provides real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs for analysis. It can also generate alert notifications and periodically reports upon request. HibouAir mobile app provides real-time air quality data of nearby devices over Bluetooth.

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