Top 10 sensor technology companies in Europe -2020

May 19, 2020

Sensor technology has become very popular in recent years. Countless applications are developed using sensor technology, and people are showing more and more interests in it. Big companies are coming up with sensor solutions and services, by creating innovative sensing technologies, building application-ready devices and developing algorithms that OEMs can implement quickly in their end products.

IoT based sensors have considerable demands in this industry. The sensors will be connected, which will enable several events or situations to detect and forecast. New algorithms are developing to gather more information from current sensor technologies. The combination of both Sensor networks and AI are surely going to change the way organizations work.

Enterprise Technology Review has recently made a list of “Top 10 sensor technology companies in Europe -2020”.

Smart Sensor Devices AB has made its way to the list by developing several IoT based sensor products and services for their clients over the years.

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