Smart Sensor Devices is selected for The India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator program in India by the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden

November 4, 2022

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on innovation based collaborations on renewable energy and energy efficiency, between India and Sweden.

India and Sweden share a common objective on the need for innovation and entrepreneurship to build domestic competitiveness, as well as to respond to the needs of growing demands in an energy-constrained world that is also facing climate-related challenges. Joint efforts towards common goals are well justified. In international comparisons, Sweden ranks high as a country of innovation. India is well known as an entrepreneurial hotbed.

Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the next generation of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions. we would like our technology to improve health related to air quality in the Indian community. As a selected member of the Accelerator programs for India (ISIA), Smart Sensor Devices is given an opportunity to establish partnerships as a step in a long-term investment in the Indian market. The programs aim to facilitate business opportunities through individual meeting arrangements, local marketing and communication and business development support.

India is one of the largest potential markets for Swedish companies in air quality monitoring solutions. Smart Sensor Devices’ innovative air quality monitoring solution has already received favourable attention in India for its technology based on domestic demand and conditions. 

“India is a market with big potential and Smart Sensor Devices air quality monitoring solution can make a positive difference. We are happy to have been accepted into the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator program in India and look forward to expanding our market presence together with the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden. It is part of our long-term strategic work to establish our technology in India.”, says Axel Hammar, CEO of Smart Sensor Devices.

We would like to invite everyone to join this fascinating event. We will demonstrate our innovative air quality monitoring solutions through the workshop with interactive Q&A sessions. 

Please register using this hyperlink: Registration Link

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