How do I know if the air in my home is good?

June 3, 2022

How do we know if the air we breathe is clean and healthy? To some extent, we can trust our senses. When the sun shines in through the windows, for example, we can sometimes see large particulate pollutants in the air with the naked eye.

The nose is also great at detecting a variety of pollutants at very low levels. Contaminated air is often experienced as trapped. Some of these contaminants are filtered out in the nose and upper respiratory tract. But far from everything. The rest goes down into the lungs. Some particles are so small that they penetrate the lung tissue and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Asthma and poor air quality in homes

A healthy and good indoor climate is important for us to function optimally in everyday life. If the indoor climate is bad, we risk developing dangerous respiratory diseases and other health problems, which in the long run reduce the quality of life. Many people have respiratory illnesses that are often caused by bad indoor air. People with asthma can quickly get worsening symptoms if they stay in buildings with poor air quality. Of course, many of the symptoms can also be caused by things other than bad air, but studies show that the symptoms occur more often in buildings with poor air quality.

Carbon dioxide in homes!

Many dangerous substances in our homes and the indoor air do not smell or give any clear symptoms. Therefore good ventilation is very important for healthy living.

With simple measuring equipment for household use, we can measure the air temperature and humidity. But to find out if the air we breathe is really clean and healthy, we need air quality monitoring devices.

Improve the indoor air for asthmatics and allergy sufferers by monitoring air quality

In this regard, Smart Sensor Devices has developed an air quality monitor device called HibouAir. HibouAir is an affordable wireless device with a simple setup that helps you accurately measure indoor environmental data for observations and study to preserve a healthy air quality environment. There are several indoor air quality monitoring solutions provided by HibouAir:

Using HibouAir Mobile and Desktop application, users can easily access real-time air quality data of the surrounding environment. The cloud solution allows the device to connect to the users HibouAir Dashboard account, which provides real-time data with various maps, charts and graphs for analysis. It can also generate alert notifications and periodically reports upon request.

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