Indian markets welcoming Smart Sensor Devices innovative solutions

October 13, 2023

Smart Sensor Devices trip to India as part of the India-Sweden Innovation Accelerator Delegation has proven to be a pivotal moment for the company, with the potential to drive substantial improvements in its presence and impact in the Indian market.

Shivani Gupta, the Marketing Manager of Smart Sensor Devices has been instrumental in conducting a series of B2B sessions and workshops, facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering valuable connections with key members in India’s business landscape. This proactive approach has laid the foundation for the company’s growing success in the country.

One of the most striking developments on this visit has been the enthusiasm expressed by Indian companies for the products developed by Smart Sensor Devices, with a particular spotlight on their air quality monitoring devices, HibouAir. These devices have garnered significant interest due to its innovative technology and the ability to address the pressing issue of air quality in India.

Among the many companies showing keen interest in Smart Sensor Devices’ products, Aaxis Nano Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. The partnership formed between Smart Sensor Devices and Aaxis Nano Technologies holds great promise for both parties. This collaboration is expected to fuel Smart Sensor Devices’ growth in the Indian market while also opening doors for Aaxis Nano Technologies to access cutting-edge sensor technology developed by Smart Sensor Devices.

Smart Sensor Devices’ innovative air quality monitoring solutions have already received favorable attention in India, aligning perfectly with the country’s domestic demand and specific environmental conditions. India faces persistent challenges related to air pollution, and Smart Sensor Devices’ technology offers a timely and effective solution to monitor and combat this issue.

The partnership with Aaxis Nano Technologies is not only a significant stride for Smart Sensor Devices but also a positive development for India as a whole. It signifies trust and confidence in the capabilities of Smart Sensor Devices and their products, which will, in turn, empower other Indian companies to leverage these advanced sensors for various applications.

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