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September 30, 2022

In our well-insulated houses, we constantly breathe stale air and that is not healthy at all. Good air quality is important for our health and well-being. Smart Sensor Devices has developed HibouAir, an intelligent air quality monitor. It comes with both particle and CO2 sensors. The device visually indicates when the air is polluted in the house and it is time to ventilate.

Studies have shown that we spend at least 90% of our time indoors: at home, office, or school… These living environments are designed to make us feel safe and protected. It is with this in mind that over the past 20 years, buildings have been better and better insulated. Indeed, this allows us to keep our homes warm without having to consume too much energy. But the situation turned against us. Our living environments have turned into “hermetic boxes”, in which the air can no longer enter or leave, and this is a major problem!

Poor air quality at home

Many people believe that outdoor air is more polluted than indoor air. And yet, nothing could be less true. Our indoor air is filled with CO2 – which is the substance we release when we breathe. Humidity and VOCs (volatile organic substances), can seriously damage your health. These substances are released into the air when we cook, light candles, the paint on our walls or the varnish that covers our furniture, etc. These parameters can cause fatigue and migraine in the short term and cancer in the long term. Without our realization, these substances have a significant impact on our comfort and well-being. 

Know what you breathe!

Everyone assumes that our homes and living environments are “sanctuaries” in which we can live healthily and where our children can grow up safely, but the reality is unfortunately quite different. Since it is known that Covid-19 can also be spread through the air, many renowned virologists insist that it is vital to sufficiently renew the indoor air in our schoolsoffices and homes to contain the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. This is how we gradually realized that the quality of the air we breathe had to be good.

While understanding this necessity is a first step forward, however, an additional problem has been added due to the odourless and colourless nature of stale air. Therefore, we do not realize when the air quality deteriorates in a room. And that’s why Smart Sensor Devices has developed the HibouAir, a smart air quality monitor.

How to measure the air quality in your home?

The HibouAir contains detectors, which constantly monitor the air quality in your home. The main parameter that HibouAir closely monitors is the CO2 rate. The monitor notices when it increases too much and shows in the desktop or mobile application visually. On the application, it turns green if the air is healthy and orange if the CO2 level is between 800 and 1200 ppm ( parts per million ), a sign that indoor air quality is deteriorating. If the screen on the CO2 value turns red, this means that the amount of CO2 has exceeded 1200 ppm. In this case, the accommodation must be generously ventilated as quickly as possible by opening doors and windows.

The HibouAir is more than just a CO2 monitor

The HibouAir is more than just a visual CO2 monitor. The device also lists other parameters, such as VOC content, temperature, air humidity, pressure etc. In short, all the factors contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. All the air quality data measured by the device is stored on the device. The device can store up to 7 days of air quality data which can be accessed from the HibouAir mobile or desktop application. This allows you to judge the health of your home in real-time, as well as view history or see if you can identify repeating patterns. And it also lets you know if your home has structural problems, which will then need to be resolved urgently.

Not only for home but also offices, schools and classrooms.

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