Smart Sensor Devices AB Joins RobotShop Marketplace

November 29, 2021

Smart Sensor Devices AB, a manufacturer and provider of IoT solutions, is pleased to announce that its Bluetooth low energy USB dongle called BleuIO will be available for immediate shipment worldwide through the Robotshop Marketplace. 

The product is listed on RobotShop and available for purchase.

“Joining the RobotShop Marketplace is a strategic move that allows our Bluetooth Low Energy USB dongle BlueIO to be viewed and purchased with ease through RobotShop’s well established online process. Products will ship typically within 2 days of order placement from Smart Sensor Devices, Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a winning combination for Smart Sensor Devices, and we look forward to working with RobotShop.” said Axel G. Hammar, Founder & CEO, Smart Sensor Devices.

About BleuIO

This BleuIO is a Bluetooth low energy USB dongle that can create a new BLE 5.0 application in the fastest and easiest way. Just use the AT Commands available on the device. Details about the AT commands can be found on the getting started guide, which will help anyone make a fast peripheral or central application (or both) without developing a single line of embedded code. 

It is a fully integrated solution, providing MCU and Bluetooth radio in one chip, based on Dialog Semiconductor latest Bluetooth chip DA14683. The FLASH based device permits field or boot upgradable, while the application is stored on FLASH memory. Custom settings can also be stored on FLASH memory or OTP for higher integrity. It supports Windows 10, Linux and macOS.

About Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. Get in contact with us today and explore how you can become part of it! Our long-term experience in IoT devices and systems is crucial for giving your business the most for your investments, improving Time To Market, and lowering your risk.

About RobotShop

RobotShop operates globally and specializes in robotics technology. They offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. Since its founding in 2003, RobotShop is renowned as the most visited robotics website in the world, offering a variety of robotic goods, such as educational and professional robots, as well as mechanical and electronic parts and components. Apart from that, RobotShop’s website brings a large number of visitors. Its audience includes amateurs and professionals with a keen interest in emerging technologies, businesses, the education sector, as well as a large community promoting communication, mutual aid and technical support.

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