Smart Sensor Devices is measuring air quality

November 5, 2019

Smart Sensor Devices is a Stockholm-based company, offering sensors and a platform for IoT, focusing on giving customers the opportunity to customize IoT devices to their needs.

According to Axel G. Hammar, CEO of Smart Sensor Devices, the opportunity to test their products in a real environment was what led them to Urban ICT Arena, a plug and play testbed where you could install sensors in an urban environment. The opportunity to use our testbed as a showroom for their product also contributed.

What role does your products play in the smart city?

– Smart Sensor Devices offers easy-to-use and cost-effective services for cities who want to offer their citizens round-the-clock monitoring of the surrounding environment no matter what part of the city you are living or staying in. It is a matter of democracy. Air quality data is collected from indoor or outdoor sources, such as local public transport, roads, tunnels and shopping centers and can be used by the city for alarms or information to the general public. It could also help to build awareness of the long-term impact of public health by staying in the city. Local air pollution data can also be used as a planning basis for further planning of the city and open to build new services.

How are your sensors being used right now?

  • In the industry, the system is used for monitoring humidity and temperature in warehouses. It verifies that the goods are in an appropiate correct environment.
  • Shopping centers has real-time monitoring of food courts with the purpose of improving the indoor environment and to make the ventilation system more effective.
  • In the data centers, temperature and humidity are monitored in the server room.
  • In Kista, data is collected from several stations to create a visualization tool of real-time conditions.

While Smart City Devices has measured air quality in Kista for over a year, our partnership with the company recently became formalised through a Tech Partnership. This means that we will be able to further assist the company and continue our work towards more sustainable cities with the help of IoT.

The data from the sensors are available in real-time! Click here.

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