Smart Sensor Devices joined Smart City Sweden

April 21, 2022


Smart Sensor Devices in Sweden AB is proud to announce that we have joined Smart City Sweden in Air, Climate, Energy & environment section.

About Smart City Sweden

Smart City Sweden is a state-funded initiative and export platform for smart & sustainable city solutions. Smart City Sweden gathers best practices from Sweden within six areas: EnergyClimate & EnvironmentMobilityDigitalisationUrban planning and Social sustainability.

Smart City Sweden was founded as a state initiative, coordinated by the Swedish Energy Agency. The export and investment platform is managed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, in close collaboration with regional business promoting organisations, as well as private companies. Smart City Sweden includes a group of two governmental agencies, providing expertise and knowledge of best practices within their fields.

The Smart City Sweden head office is located in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, one of the world’s most famous sustainable city developments. But there is a lot more to discover in other parts of Sweden.

About Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices was founded in 2016 in Stockholm by Axel G. Hammar. The company is working globally with the latest IoT solutions. The products HibouAir PM and CO2 Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Sensors and Services focus on the growing need of continuously measuring air quality in the indoor spaces inhabited by us.

The first step towards improving air quality is to measure it accurately. Smart Sensor Devices helps customers to measure the air quality and monitor it on site or even remotely. To address such needs, the company offers affordable HibouAir devices with simple plug in and play setup that provide relevant data in real time for timely intervention, if required.

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