Spain imposes restrictions on heating and air conditioning to save energy

August 16, 2022

Spain has announced new energy-saving measures, including limits on air conditioning and heating temperatures in public buildings and large commercial buildings, as it becomes the latest European country to try to reduce its energy consumption.

Applies to all public buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, train stations and airports, air conditioning must not be set below 27°C degrees Celsius during the hottest months of the year.

During the winter period, there is also a limit on heating, which cannot be set above 19°C in public places.

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In order to save energy, air quality monitoring devices could be helpful. These monitoring devices provide real-time and historical air quality data such as temperature, humidity, CO2 etc., which will help determine temperature changes in a given time.

Why HibouAir to save energy

HibouAir is an air quality monitor specially designed for indoor air quality monitoring. HibouAir comes with a quick & easy set-up. No need for wifi, gateway or cloud connectivity. Its design is sleek and the navigation of its desktop and mobile applications are simple and effective. The app presents information in a logical way, with a clear display of air quality. The device is easy to set up and use, as it doesn’t require connecting or pairing. This indoor air quality monitor provides not only the concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2 or PM and volatile organic compounds (VOC) but also the other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us. It displays the current indoor air quality data and shows reading graphs for the past 7 days. The colour codes (green, yellow and red) indicate whether the measurements represent good, moderate or severely polluted air. 

The historical data provided by HibouAir, tells us change of temperature and energy consumption by air conditioner.

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